The Spiritual Path Journal


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Elevate, Walk With The Light! The Spiritual Path Journal is a beacon for those seeking to illuminate their journey and leave footprints of light in their wake. This journal is not just a repository of thoughts and reflections; it is a sacred space where the spiritual path unfolds with each written word. As you navigate the complexities of life, this journal serves as a guide, illuminating the wisdom hidden in everyday experiences and helping you to recognize the luminous footprints you leave behind.

Each page of ‘The Spiritual Path Journal’ invites you to delve deeper into your inner world, encouraging you to explore the realms of consciousness and spiritual growth. With ‘Illuminate, Leave Footprints of Light’ as its guiding mantra, this journal becomes a tool for self-discovery and enlightenment, aiding you in documenting the milestones and insights on your spiritual quest.

For marking down schedules, to-do lists, or planning out your days – this personalized journal is a stylish option to do it all. Featuring high-quality 90gsm paper pages, choose between ruled, graph, or blank paper options for further customization.

.: One size: A5 4.8″ x 7.36″ (18.7cm x 12.2cm)
.: 128 pages (64 sheets)
.: 90 gsm paper
.: Choose between ruled, graph or blank paper

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