Shipping & Returns


We are pleased to offer you a variety of shipping options, each equipped with tracking to ensure you can conveniently monitor your package’s journey to your doorstep. If you have any questions surrounding shipping to your country or for existing order enquiries not covered below, please don’t hesitate to email us ASAP at 

International Standard Shipping:

Our global shipping services extend to all corners of the world. Orders typically take 1-2 business days to process from the time they are received. Delivery times vary between 5 to 14 business days, contingent upon your location.

For specific orders, signature upon delivery may be required, primarily determined by your order’s total value. If you wish to have your international package shipped with confirmed tracking to your destination, kindly reach out to our customer service at, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Tracking Your Order:

Upon shipping, an email containing a tracking number will be sent to you, enabling you to trace your shipment’s progress. For a seamless tracking experience, we invite you to visit our designated “TRACK YOUR ORDER” page.

Address Accuracy Disclaimer:

To ensure accurate delivery, the responsibility lies with the buyer to provide correct shipping information. Alterations to shipping addresses may not always be feasible once an order is placed. Prior to finalizing your purchase, we kindly urge you to verify the accuracy of the address you provide. Packages directed to an incorrect address will regrettably not be our responsibility.

Should you have any concerns regarding shipping timelines or the state of your package upon arrival, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Our dedicated customer service team is at your disposal, ready to address any inquiries or challenges you may encounter.



Our policy remains in effect for a span of 10 days. Should more than 10 days have elapsed since the reception of your item, we regret to inform you that we are unable to extend a refund or facilitate an exchange.


To be eligible for a refund or complimentary reshipment, your item must fall within the confines of one of the following categories:

 – The product sustained damage during transit

 – The product exhibits discernible quality concerns. 

 – The parcel underwent misplacement during shipping (it is lost). 

 – Substantial delays in delivery status updates have been observed. 

Upon determining one of the above, please take the following steps to action a seamless processing of your refund request:

1) Initiate the refund process by sending an email to
2) Within your email, please enclose photographs and/or videos that explicitly depict the product’s manufacturing defect. This visual documentation is extremely important in order for us to see what you’re experiencing as much as possible. Without images and/or videos, we reserve to the right to reject the refund request.
3) Upon approval of your refund request, you will receive email notification outlining the commencement of your refund procedure. Please note that processing typically takes 1-3 business days. The reimbursed amount will be automatically credited back to your original method of payment.


Please note that although customer satisfaction is our priority, there are certain scenarios wherein the refund or free reshipment may be untenable. We are unable to offer a refund or complimentary reshipment under the following circumstances:

 – Incomplete or inaccurate delivery addresses. Instances where the recipient is unidentifiable, uncontactable, or rejected parcel occurs, impeding delivery completion.

 – Customer-specified incorrect sizing or dissatisfaction with the product devoid of any intrinsic issues/defects. Such instances preclude the availability of a refund or complimentary reshipment as the matter does not pertain to defects or errors on our part. 

 – Failure to communicate any issues within 10 days subsequent to parcel delivery. Reports of issues occurring beyond this time frame will not allow us to extend a refund or arranging a free reshipment.

Should any dissatisfaction with your order arise, please do not hesitate to engage our support team ASAP. We are fully committed to providing our utmost assistance.

Customers may assume responsibility for return shipping costs should the issue not stem from the product itself. To be determined on a case by case basis.

We greatly value your business and appreciate your feedback. Please know that our unwavering dedication to optimal customer service is paramount, so for any further queries or concerns regarding our return and replenishment policy, feel free to reach out to us at

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